Golf Academy

Lakewood Ranch Golf Academy

Gregg offers a variety of professional golf instruction services and golf lessons that help golfers of all ages and levels attain their goals in golf. Gregg's Lakewood Ranch Golf Academy offers package rates that are available for year-round, long vacation, summer, and scholastic golfers. See below for more information about golf lessons in Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton

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Private Golf Lessons

60-minutes (1 hour) of private instruction: $75

30-minutes (1/2 hour) of private instruction: $50

Couples & Family Rates

60-minutes (1 hour) of private instruction: $120

Playing Lesson

60-minutes (1 hour) of private instruction on the course, mornings only: $150

Package rates available

Call me to tailor your package including for vacation stays, summers, and year-round scholastic golfers.

Allow yourself the opportunity to take your game to the next level through the Lakewood Ranch Golf Academy. Improve your technique in all facets of your game as well as shave shots off your scores. Special attention is assured.